con·volve [kən-ˈvälv]

VERB: roll or coil together; entwine

MATHEMATICS: combine (one function or series) with another by forming their convolution

ORGANIZATION: a worker-owned cooperative of scientists, engineers, & subject matter experts

Convolve was built to solve hard problems

We bring deep expertise to your most pressing challenges


We treat our clients like partners and co-create solutions each step of the way.

Deep Expertise

Our scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts are recognized leaders in their fields.


We practice equitable, cooperative governance via the Rochdale Principles.


Thousands of domestic and public supply wells face failure despite groundwater sustainability reform in California’s Central Valley
Rural areas sacrificed for Xi Jinping’s new city, satellite imagery shows
Thousands of California wells are at risk of drying up despite landmark water law

Meet the Collective


Aakash Ahamed, PhD

Hydrogeophysist, Remote Sensing Expert, Data Scientist


Corey Scher, MS

Remote Sensing Expert, Geologist


Darcy Bostic, MS

Policy Analyst and Data Scientist


Rich Pauloo, PhD

Data Scientist, Hydrogeologist